Be sure to read the entire Event Details page in addition to this FAQ to make sure you have all the necessary info about The Jay Peak Trail Running Festival! (All details on the Kingdom 100 are on that page.)

Yes! There are arrows marking every turn with a follow up confirmation arrow. There are orange flags lining the sides of the trails. We also have “wrong way” signs at every trail entrance that is NOT part of the course.

There are carefully positioned aid stations along the course (check the maps on the Event Details page) containing water & Gatorade. The Sunday races get additional aid items, like baked potatoes, pickles and other snacks. There’s also a full med team at the tram aid station and a med team roaming the trails on a ATV. All aid stations have radios, basic medical supplies (bandaids, cold packs, etc.) and coordinates to make sure no runner is ever more than 3 miles from help.

There is no bag check on Saturday. There is a bag DROP on Sunday. Details will be emailed to Sunday runners a few days before the race.
We do not offer any refunds or deferrals. You can still come get your shirt or other items you ordered from packet pickup or at the event.
Or designate a friend to pick them up. Shirts will not be mailed.
In the unlikely event that the race isn’t sold out, you can still register at packet pickup on Friday evening, or at the race. If you wait until race day, you’ll have to get there no later than 5 a.m. in order to complete the process before the race starts.
Early September at Jay Peak can see anything from warm, humid conditions to snow. Please check the weather before you leave and prepare accordingly. We’ll send you an email with our best weather predictions for bottom & top of mountain a few days before the race. We’ll cancel due to weather only if the state of Vermont or Jay Peak deem conditions too dangerous.

We’ll also have a course debriefing meeting for the Sunday races on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Tram Cafeteria to let you know what to look for and the current conditions of the trails. You are STRONGLY encouraged to attend, but if you can’t make it, we’ll send a recap email immediately afterwards.

Bathrooms will be open in the lodges and hotels near the start. Of course, there are hundreds of acres of wilderness to do what you need to do, but you didn’t hear that from us!
If they don’t mind hiking a bit, there are a lot of places the runners pass by 2 or 3 times (check out the course map on the Event Details page). They can also ask someone with a RACE CREW shirt at the event to point them in the right direction. On Sunday, we’ll be running a tram to the top of the mountain first thing in the morning and spectators can buy a tram ticket on-site from Jay Peak.
Yes, but they can only run half the course. Pacers will be given a bracelet at packet pickup. No bracelet, no pacing. We have checkpoints to catch any unethical person trying to use this to run a free race.
We love dogs, but sorry, for everyone’s safety, please leave them at home. This policy applies to all pets, including cats, geckos, goldfish, alligators, yaks, yetis, parrots, and pigs. Husbands are allowed, but must be leashed if they have a tendency to wander into the woods.
Yes, you can. We personally think you may miss out on the vibe of running on the trails with music blaring in your ears, but if it helps you run better, then who are we to judge?

Still Have Questions?

The answers to 99.9% of the questions we get asked every day are already on this awesome website, which means you’ll find an answer much quicker here than by emailing us and waiting a few days for a response! Of course, if you’ve read every word on this site and still can’t find the answer, shoot us an email and we’ll respond as soon as we can!